Curriculum 21

Dr. Jacobs is an internationally recognized expert in the fields of curriculum and instruction, and via Ingunn Kjøl Wiig’s blog (Norwegian) I came across the notions of Curriculum 21 and curricular mapping. What caught my attention was the idea of upgrading genres and skills, or 21st century learning processes:

  • Social production: learning to do
  • Social networking: learning to be
  • Semantic web: learning to know
  • Media grids: learning to be and do
  • Non-linear teaching/learning

I hope to upgrade my lesson plans and my teaching as I begin in my new job as a high school teacher this fall.

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  1. Judith Koren says:

    Interesting! I am a teacher in secondary school myself (in the field of Dutch literature, linguistics and rhetoric) and this is a completely new perspective; changing lenses so to speak. Thanks and have fun in your new job.

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